Tuesday, July 19, 2016


It was an adventure that took us by charter bus to Vancouver, Northern Air to Whitehorse, by rail to Skagway, cruise ship to Vancouver and then by bus back home. That is nine days in a nutshell which I will crack open to reveal the highlights.

Beringia  Interpretive Centre, Whitehorse.

Takhini Hot springs.

S S Klondike paddle wheeler

An evening of turn of the century Vaudeville entertainment 

An hour wait to eat at Klondike Barbecue Rib and Salmon was well worth it.
Reviewed on TV by John Catucci on "You Gotta Eat Here"

The Yukon River runs through Whitehorse

From Whitehorse to Carcross by bus where we began our rail journey to Skagway Alaska

The White Pass and Yukon route train arriving at Carcross

Conductor David stops the train!

All Aboard

Lake Bennett

Bennett BC
30 000 stampeders spent the winter of 1898 - 1899 building makeshift rafts and boats to take them across Lake Bennett and down the Yukon River to the goldfields.

St Andrew's Presbyterian church from 1899 stands as a symbol of Bennett's boom period

The 53 Km Chilcoot trail from Dyea, Alaska to Bennett BC
was a major route for hungry gold seekers. 

Bennett Lake

Replica boat used by those that successfully crossed the mountains on the Chilcoot Trail.
From here they were on their way to the Yukon river.

Narrow Corridors

Steel bridge constructed in 1901 was the tallest cantilever bridge in the world.
 Used until 1969

A peek down into Skagway from the summit, 2,865 feet

Skagway Alaska

The gold rush cemetery.
The chained gold has it's own story

In Skagway we boarded Holland Americas Volendam for a 4 day cruise to Vancouver,
A day in Glacier Bay
A day to behold the wonders of nature in silence.
The ship turned off all music and occasionally a park ranger gave us some narration.

Lamplugh Glacier
150 - 180 feet above sea level

John Hopkins Glacier
250 feet above water
200 feet below water
Due to all the ice floes which the seals use for birthing their pups
 we could only enjoy this vista from a distance

Margerie Glacier
250 feet above waterline.
50 - 100 feet below water.
1 mile wide and 21 miles long.

There were cracks and pops in the air and then ... 
 a little splosh of water as a piece of ice broke away and slipped into the sea.

"The Master Builder chose for a tool, not the thunder and lightning to rend and split asunder, not the stormy torrent nor the eroding rain but the tender snowflake, noiselessly falling through unnumbered generations." John Muir

Ice Sculptures 

Prisms of blue hide in nooks and crevices.

Goodbye waves as our ship silently slips away

Grand Pacific Glacier

The inside passage faded quickly into clouds the darkness of night.

Holland America held a 5 km walk around the promenade to raise money for breast cancer research. We walked for our niece Ellie who is in the middle of chemo treatments. 

Lions Gate Bridge


edie said...

Great way to take in the scenery. The ship with no sound floating by the glaciers must of been magical.

Anonymous said...

You've captured some magnificent photos of nature's beauty and majesty.

Ellie said...

Beautiful pictures. Would love to do that route someday. Thanks for walking for the cure. Ellie