Friday, June 30, 2017


Lac Le Jeune lies nestled in a wilderness forest of Spruce, Ponderosa Pine, quivering Aspens, Birch groves, and grassy meadows filled with colourful wildflowers and songbirds. We have been camping for 46 years and this was the 44th BC Provincial Park where we have set up camp and explored. We have a goal to camp at 50 different BC parks by our 50th anniversary. We'll see, as there are always our favourites to revisit and that won't count.

 Wild roses, Indian Paint Brush, Lupines and Columbia Lilies

Midweek we had a cooler, cloudy/sprinkling kind of day, but also a day with a cool surprise as our friends/neighbours Larry and Marianne took a road trip to visit us. Took a drive into Logan Lake, a tidy little town in the picturesque Highland Valley. It was established in the early 1970's to accommodate workers in the nearby Highland Valley Copper Mine.

A most unique BC visitor centre up in the cab of a huge mining shovel.

 One way to look small is to pose beside heavy duty mining equipment.

Back at Lac Le Jeune my favourite travelling companion of 46 years spent hours drifting and trolling for those elusive trout which never made it to our supper table. And while he fished I wandered with my camera to capture the beauty of the moment, read a good novel and sketched the vista from our campsite.

One evening I paddled into the serenity of these calm waters, at one with nature mirrored amongst a garden of lily pads, alongside two loons, and floating into the shadows of the setting sun. It felt heavenly.

Night fell and we relaxed and chatted around a crackling fire to the far off yodelling of the loons.


edie said...

Awesome way to get plugged into nature.

Anonymous said...

Again, some beautiful photos capturing nature at it's best. What a beautiful tranquil setting. Would love to see your sketches.