Sunday, January 9, 2022



According to an online definition, inspiration is "the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative."

Inspiration is what I long for in this new year. I hope it will awaken me to new possibilities and allow me to transcend ordinary experiences. Above all mental and physical possibilities, I want to go deeper in my spiritual relationship and understanding of God, allowing His words in the Holy scriptures to illuminate this journey of inspiration.

My family, friends, church community, motivational speakers, and the world of books will hopefully be vehicles of inspiration that will shape my capabilities and maybe new possibilities. Humbly I long to be an influence to spark others in their hopes and dreams for 2022

As I have pondered this word for the year I was inspired to pull out my camera, which has been a little idle, to capture the ordinary and allow it to inspire me to see the extraordinary. I also want courage to let words fall from my pen onto paper, or pencil sketchings evolve spontaneously without intention.


Winter brings a softness
with the drifting flakes of snow.
It also brings a sharpness
in the shards of icicles that snap below.
Winter brings a crispness to rosy cheeks aglow,
 and the warmness of a crackling fireplace
Indoors, to the comfort that I know.

Trudy Peters

Sunday, October 31, 2021


October breathes poetry
with leaves like webs of words 
hanging out in sentences of crimson, greens and 
golden yellows punctuated boldly

rhyming words like swirling, whirling,
soothing, moving calm through windless air
or joyful chattering as chilly gusts
send crispy, curling leaves scattering

across blank pages, inspiration endless
of glorious imagery, of sounds and feelings
endeavoured in every season 
October leaves a poet breathless

Trudy Peters


Thursday, September 30, 2021


To sail across the Salish Sea, (aka  Georgia Strait) was to encounter diverse beauty, both peaceful and rugged on Vancouver Island, the west coast of our country. This was a perfect substitute for a European River Cruise to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary which was cancelled due to the pandemic.


On the east coast of the island looking across to the mainland of British Columbia

The serene view from our oceanfront hotel suite.

Without announcement the sea was drawn away out from the shore with the pull of the moon and then softly rolled back like a carpet twice a day. The large expense of sandy beach at Parksville Bay was such a peaceful place to walk and wade in the tide pools.

Sculpted sand and mudflats with unusual rose like whorls.
Clams, mussels, snails and crabs are hiding there.

The soft, peaceful evening colours painted by God our creator gave us comfort in these days as on a beach walk we received sad news that Wally's oldest brother Bill had passed away. After a short illness Bill's journey took him to the embrace of his Saviour, Jesus Christ, also the hope for our future.

Along the shoreline boardwalk we came across a beach garden of balanced rocks, sometimes called Inukshuks. These could have been built for fun or memory making. Wally quietly chose six rocks which became a little cairn to remember Bill, who spent many summer vacations in Parksville with his wife Evelyn.


Driving across the island to our west coast experience we took time to hike to Englishman River Falls and take a stroll through Cathedral Grove, a protected area of old growth forest.

the name means "people of safe harbor"
rich in tradition and natural beauty

Our destination for 4 days was down a narrow driveway hugged by trees and thick foliage where Reef Point Oceanfront B&B was perched on the edge of a rocky cliff. 
A place where the forest meets the sea. 

As we walked down a pathway of stairs we were met with this awesome vista looking out upon the Pacific Ocean. Calm waters while we were there but I am told that the winter storms are wild.

Our deck was wrapped with beautiful glossy salal bushes, ferns and wild boxwood .

Stairs led to multi-level decks with private sitting areas, a hot tub with a magnificent view of the changing sea and sky, and more stairs that led to the rocky shoreline. We opted to stay behind the gate.

A misty, foggy morning which changed to an undecided skyline.
We donned our raincoats and boots to venture out into a rainy day to walk along Long Beach, a 12 mile stretch of surf swept sand. It was fun to watch through rain speckled glasses the surfers attempting the cresting waves over and over again.

We left our mark in the sand - 50 years of marriage, while two days later we saw a newly married couple walk along the shoreline of the same beach.  Memories made.


Five and a half hours aboard the RAINCOAST MAIDEN, a 53 foot yacht, home to Al and Toddy Landry became the highlight of our vacation. The Archipelago Wildlife Cruise took us out into Barkley Sound to the sheltered water of the Broken Group Islands, an archipelago of over 100 islands protected in the Pacific Rim National Park boundaries. Each of the 8 guests were given binoculars to appreciate and marvel at details that were pointed out to us.  

Sitting up on the bow for several hours we had a great view of california seals, california sea lions,  Steller sea lions, Otters, Cormorant birds, bear and eagles, Starfish and Sea Anemones.

Cruising into the calm water of the Broken Island Group.

What a romantic setting of a huge heart rock, just for us!

Few hidden sandy beaches for kayakers to find refuge and set up camp.

At lunch time tables were set up on deck and we were served a wicker basket filled with a delicious Salmon salad and extras from a local restaurant.

Toddy at the wheel and her husband Al scanning the sea for their favorite Sea Otter named Otto. There were cries of joy from Toddy to once again spot their old friend, who swam alongside the yacht seemingly enjoying our company.


One more day to have our senses filled with majesty and wonder so we explored a couple more beaches and a hike along the Wild Pacific Trail.

A stunning white mushroom furled like a rose demanded my attention along a trail.

This Totem Pole on the South Beach trail reminded us that we were walking on First Nations Land.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse.

We did a loop trail that took us along a  rugged and rocky shoreline with small viewpoints, some with benches to sit and soak in the splendour of the sea.

Winter storms with gale winds and thundering waves have created a windswept shoreline as trees have surrendered to these ferocious elements. One day I would like to visit during a winter storm.

Inspiration Point is marked by a creative tree pointing in all directions,
 calling one to be drawn into nature and adventure that lies beyond a vast horizon.

The knot hole in the tree is like a spy glass reminding me that the Earth is massive, and yet here we could be focused and absorbed in the wondrous beauty in this very place, at such a time as this.

I give thanks to my Heavenly Father, the God of all creation, 
for giving us the opportunity and privilege to experience this fantastic vacation.