Friday, July 29, 2022



A wonderfully warm five days camping at this gem of a park just an hour from home.

Fintry Park has a long history as a historical site with barns and a manor house

Our front row camp site on the west bank of Okanagan Lake.

A hike of over 300 stairs leads to Shorts Creek Falls which I have hiked to in previous years. This time I could only manage a short climb taking us up to see the Mariposa Lily, which I added to my botanical sketchbook.

Our alone time was beautiful, filled with swimming, kayaking, reading, playing Scrabble and Mexican Rummy, sketching, and forever taking in the amazing scenic view with all sorts of boat activity and the joyful sounds of families playing in the lake.

Of course food always tastes so much better outdoors.



The forest was alive with fresh green growth and pathways were dotted with colourful wild flowers. At the host site were four hummingbird feeders which were so fascinating to watch from very close proximity as several varieties of hummingbirds enjoyed their cocktail, and even fought over perching sites. 

The Kettle River ran high and wild, tossing large trees downstream only to be caught in a whirling eddy and sent back upstream where they tried their journey again and again until they found themselves in the main current.

Camping with our dear friends Ed and Sue was again a most pleasant experience, as we walked along the river, played games, shared a meal, and shivered as the nights grew cold. The heat of bonfires had us huddled around sharing life, stories and hearty laughs.

"The woods are filled with the music of birds,
 and all nature is laughing under the glorious influence of summer."

Charles Lanman (1840)

A rainy day was good for a road trip to Greenwood to a favourite cafe, the Copper Eagle where the cinnamon and sticky buns were outrageously delicious, as was the Focaccia bread we saved for supper. An interesting visit to the railway Museum in Midway.

A sign beside the huge copper kettle read:  A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee."



We camped with Mark, Ray, Shelley, Lauren, Ella, Levi, Avery, Kyla, Melody, Niklas and two dogs, Tucker and Arlo. 
A Drizzly Fathers Day weekend filled with games, bike rides on the lakeside trail, a wiener roast and a brave dip in the lake by Ella and Lauren.


Tuesday, May 31, 2022


In 2019 we began looking for a guest house that would be a special place to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with our family. In Fintry BC we found Casa Mirador which we booked for May 2021. Then the Covid pandemic had us delay this familytime to May 2022.

Casa Mirador is a beautiful Spanish style, privately owned guest house that sits high on a hill above and overlooking Okanagan Lake. With four floors it had room for all 20 in our family plus an international student. Room to spread out from a 120 seat theater on the main floor to the bunkhouse level with four bedrooms which housed all the grandsons, up an elevator to the grand suite with a huge open concept living, dining and kitchen area, four bedrooms, plus a games room with a lounge area and a pool table. The rooftop terrace had a hot tub, the Honeymoon suite and a cute little bedroom in the tower.  A huge wrap around deck gave lots of options for sunseekers and a covered lounge.
We were surrounded by about 200 cottages in La Casa Resort of which we were able to access all the outdoor amenities.

Everyone found a bed and unpacked so the weekend could begin.

Supper our first night was a glorified Faspa, which is part of our heritage. The large island was laden with kotletin sliders,  dill pickles (of course)  homemade dinner rolls,  chicken wings, to middle eastern Falafels and Ukrainian perogies. The crowning glory were the two large pans of Platz,( strawberry/rhubarb and apricot/Blueberry.

The Simpson Sisters

Time to visit and play a game of pool.

The ten bedrooms had spanish names like Zaragoza,
 Marbella, Cadiz, Seville, Granada and so on. 
Very nicely decorated and comfortable

Saturday morning the rising sun slipped through the gray clouds to
 create this block of radiant colour on a calm lake.

Good morning to the early risers enjoying coffee on the deck, 
and cousins Luke and Cole seemed transfixed by cold cereal.

Miss sunshine, aka Kyla

Father and daughter starting the day with technology.

Brunch at 10 was 3 flavours of baked oatmeal topped with peaches, raspberries and vanilla yogurt.
No time to talk when eating this warm yumminess!

An expansive view of Okanagan lake both north and south.

An 18 hole mini golf was popular

The swimming pool called out to some of the family even though the air was chilly.

Selfies with Gramma 

Snacks seemed to draw everyone back into our Casa


Si Si Senor!

A taco feast followed by 'make your own banana split.'

Humouring  Mom and Gramma with their tiny sombreros .

Chilling out in the lounge and theater.

A game of Wingspan

Looking into the hall cupboard and voila, the fancy glasses

Just a few of the many Spanish art pieces in Casa Mirador


Scrambled egg Croissants
Hash brown patties
Grapefruit cups

Did these two not get the memo that we were not staying
 at Gardom Lake Bible Camp, 
a favorite family get away for many years. Good advertising!

Most of the family hiked up the 300 + stairs to Shorts Creek Falls.

HAPPY HOUR on our Italian evening followed by a PASTA BAR 
with many topping options.

     Shelley took excellent charge of meals with lots of willing helpers. Kyla and Simon made delicious Alfredo sauce from scratch.   Impressive!

Macarons and profiteroles for dessert

      Stock photo of the beach

  Four grandsons braving the icy water to get to this floating trampoline

        Lisa recuperating from ankle surgery with her oldest son Kaden
        being a compassionate helper.

Sister in laws
Lisa, Melody, Karen, Shelley.

Family night in the theater for a slideshow of our family in random poses over the past 50+ years.
Thanks to Wally for his hard work putting this all together 
with many hours of tedious work.

Just another beautiful view

Our wonderful 10 grandchildren and the whole gang.

We give God the glory for 51 years of marriage, and our perfectly imperfect family
 trusting God for an ongoing legacy of HIS faithfulness.

ADIOS to an awesome family weekend.