Sunday, June 6, 2021


"January, February and March are like prison walls to the spirit;

April comes as a window opened, admitting sunlight and a patch of blue sky: then

May bursts, the rainbow of the months, sent as a sign - a promise of fruition"

The National Magazine  May 1899

The rainbow stretched in a double arc for many minutes and then the colours deepened to moments of awe to many Kelowna residents. It was exciting to share this with our daughter and two grandgirls. A perfect time to talk about the rainbow as a promise.

After the great flood in Noah's day, which only he, his family and 2 of every living creature survived in the ark, God made a powerful covenant with Noah saying:

" From now on, whenever a cloud rise over the earth and a rainbow appears in the sky, I (God) will remember My covenant - My promise I have made between Me and all living creatures, no waters will ever again turn onto a flood powerful enough to destroy all living creatures.

Look for the rainbow and remember My promise"

As my first quote suggested, one's spirit may have felt trapped in the cold months.  We were now entering a second year of the Covid virus which was markedly having an increased isolating effect on the peoples of the world. But then came the vaccine which brought signs of hope. And now we are in May and many are receiving the second dose of vaccine.

Wally and I took walks all through the winter months but as spring arrived and days were so much brighter I  think we walked with lighter steps.

1000 piece puzzles were ongoing since November and now in May we finished this beautiful rainbow of tulips in Holland. This image helped us be at peace about a river cruise starting in Amsterdam that was planned for June 2021 had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. I am not in a hurry to break the puzzle into pieces and return them to a dark box and not planning any big vacations.

After the May long weekend is my usual time to plant
flowers beds and a dozen pots and a few herbs.

Always happy when birds pose for a photo

A Day Trip to Gardom Lake Bible Camp

This camp holds 50 years of fond memories for us and it has been amazing to have watched the developments over the years. So many memories for our children and grandchildren as well. We walked through the renovated lodge amd were awed at the 'state of the art' kitchen and so much more. God has been at work here through many paid and volunteer positions, and we pray that the sounds of children's laughter and singing will be heard soon as Covid restrictions are lifting.

The pirate boat is anchored for now
 with hopes of small overnight children's camps this summer.

Mama duck was parading her downy ducklings up and down a wharf and then they all jumped into the lake to frolic with each other. So entertaining.

We usually find the Western Painted Turtles up in the pond where they were again, but these were enjoying the sunshine on a log at the lake.

Walking through the forest there is the scent of cedar, the sound of silence,
 and the sightings of wild flowers.

Rutland Senior Secondary Graduation

Our two oldest grandsons Mark and Kaden, who are cousins, graduate from High School this year. Their dads also graduated from this school in the early 1990's which made it a little extra special. Covid protocol made the ceremony very different with limited people in the gym at one time. We waited outdoors to congratulate them together with their families.

We love this two handsome grandsons and cheered them on for
 the next chapter of their lives.

These meanderings of May musings has ended.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


April was celebrated with passion like the bursting of nature's kaleidoscope of colour and renewed beauty.

We decided that the whole month would be one long celebration of our 5oth anniversary as we reminisced the amazing experiences we encountered on this journey of love. We are slowly reading through the shoe boxes of love letters with good chuckles and fond memories.

We love to walk hand in hand, with a camera in a pocket to capture some of the beauty of this amazing place we call home. This fabulous swath of tulips drew us in for a walk along the Kelowna boardwalk.

Our children generously gifted us with a night away at 
Hester Creek Estate Winery in Oliver. 

The winding driveway to the villas took us high on the hills overlooking the
 Oliver/ Osoyoos Valley 

We were warmly welcomed to our well-appointed villa, and then we walked down the hill to a private wine tasting experience where our wine tasting expert Adam gave us a very entertaining hour as we sipped and savoured five wines.

There wa s unique beauty to the immaculately tended vines just waiting to bud out, reaching for their potential in fall. The original grape plants were brought over from Northern Italy over 50 years ago to create the fruity Trebbiano wine, unique to Canada.

A 180 degree view of vineyards. Oliver is after all the wine capital of Canada.

 Osoyoos Lake in the distance.

Our children had packed a lovely basket of snacks which we enjoyed at our Happy Hour with a complimentary bottle of Hester Creek Character white wine. Dinner was delivered to our room Covid style ( packed in little boxes) 

Sunrise from our patio where we had a delicious breakfast.

A most relaxing, quiet and romantic get-away.
Thank you dear family.

How could one not stop at Tickleberries in Okanagan Falls on the drive home,
for a yummy Caramel Macchiato ice cream cone? 

Well, I think we decided that celebrating our anniversary for the month of April was only the prelude for a wonderful year of adventures. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021


Where did the years go? 

How do I tell the love story of Wally Peters and Trudy Wedel?

Well, it all began 54 years ago in the spring of 1967 when we were both in our senior year at the Mennonite Brethren Bible School in Clearbrook BC.  It was on our grad class weekend at Lake Elwa cottages in Washington that out of the blue a spark began. I was truly amazed when Wally asked me to be his date to the grad banquet. We had been friends for two years and I admired his character and popularity with our classmates. So here we were both embarking on career studies, Wally at BCIT and myself in nurses training at Royal Columbian Hospital.
The courting began and spanned 4 years of letter writing, a few phone calls, and short weekend dates.
I would be pretty excited when his red 1963 Chevy II would pull up to the nurses residence or at my parents house in Vancouver. Our favourite places  to spend time together were at Stanley Park walking the seawall, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Burnaby Mountain for romantic moments and where Wally proposed and I accepted on August 27 1970.

APRIL 10 1971

My mother, Melita Wedel was so much help in making our wedding day perfect. She sewed my dress and also for my sisters Catherine and Edie who were my bridesmaids. She also baked and prepared a lovely finger food buffet reception together with her church friends.

Getting to the church on time!  Killarney Park Mennonite Brethren Church in Vancouver. 
Very non traditional, we had studio photos taken before the wedding, and that is why Wally walked me into the church and handed me over to my dad, David Wedel who proudly walked me down the aisle where Wally and I exchanged vows before God, family and friends. 

Pastor Herb Brandt officiated

Our wedding party - Edie Wedel, Catherine Wedel, Herb VanBergen, Rueben Pauls

Wally's speech must have been hilarious.

And then it was the two of us and a lovely send off from family.
Wally kept our honeymoon plans secret till days before. We travelled down the Oregon Coast to Disneyland California, San Diego, and a walk into Tijuana Mexico for a day. A rushed trip back to Vancouver where we packed up my belongs and wedding gifts and drove to Enderby. It was the beginning of us creating our own home, raising a beautiful family of four who married beautiful godly spouses, and who gave us 10 amazing grandchildren. AND THAT IS ANOTHER LONG chapter in our story taking us to this milestone 50th Anniversary, April 10 2021.

Thankful to God for matching us up for this lifetime of love.


A little surprise party with our children yesterday

Shoe boxes full of precious memories from 1967 - 1971
So much fun to read 54 years later