Friday, April 10, 2009


On this Good Friday morning I had a very poignant, visual reminder of the suffering of Christ through a re-enactment of the crucifixion. I can't imagine the feelings of hopelessness expressed by the original family and friends who witnessed what they thought was an unnecessary, brutal and senseless death. I am so privileged to have the complete story which explains and reassures me of the triumph of Christ's death and subsequent resurrection.
I wanted images this week to remind me of the cross of Christ and another came to me in  my garden. Was cleaning out the mulch and winter debris when the rose bush attacked me gently causing me to wince and draw a few drops of my crimson blood which formed on my arm. Jesus was crowned with a wreath of thorns and it must have been agonizing to have it pressed on his forehead, the blood trickling into his eyes, mixing with his tears and blinding him as he made his way, burdened with the weight of my sins to a place of redemption. 

Thank you for the cross my friend!

I have been wading through a theological book over the past month and although it has stretched my brain cells, I must say that I have gleaned a fresh interpretation of the resurrection of Christ and the hope I live in for the present and the future.
"God's new world of justice and joy, of hope for the whole earth, was launched when Jesus came out of the tomb. He calls his followers to live in Him and by the power of the Holy Spirit and so to be new-creation people here and now, bringing signs and symbols of the kingdom to birth on earth as it is in heaven."  N.T. Wright 
I asked for some colour in my world and here it is!
It makes my heart glad to anticipate Easter Sunday.

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