Friday, April 10, 2009


This is the first time I have blogged twice in a day, but this day is more than just Good Friday, it is also our 38th wedding anniversary. We were out for a lovely dinner with a view of the sun setting over Okanagan Lake when my dear husband said I should blog something 'lighter'
I love him more each year that we grow older together.
We enjoy being together:
 - at home reading good books, playing scrabble, gardening, and cuddling!
- going for walks, kayaking, biking, sitting at the beach
- camping in our 5th wheel trailer
- traveling to new destinations
- serving together in our church community.

We have a wonderful family of 4 children, their 4 spouses, and 8 grandchildren all because we fell in love and were married 38 years ago. Wow! 



On the Light side:
 He likes having a light cereal snack in the evening while soaking in the bath.
 She thinks this is a good habit as well.
 They ( our family) mock us!
 We don't care what they think!
 We love them all anyway.

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