Tuesday, January 24, 2012


In my kitchen nook window hangs a blown glass ball called, Tree of Creativity. It is a reminder to me that I should never lose the joy of inspiration, originality, individuality and a wild imagination.

The backdrop to this glass ball is a lovely Japanese maple tree at the bottom of which lies a scattering of glass stones left there by the previous owner of our home. These little glass bobbles are of great interest to our grandchildren who have begun a ritual of placing them in the crooks of these delicate branches as they say their goodbyes at the door. It stirs their creativity as they concentrate on finding the point of balance and then look back to be affirmed for succeeding. Some of these colourful stones have even found their way home in the little pant pockets, only to be brought back after safe keeping for another opportunity to find a new niche in the tree.

For Christmas we gave the grandkids different Crayola products to encourage creativity. Modelling clay was for the two oldest lads and it was a fun afternoon to interact with K while our hands got messy in the pliable clay. He made a fat cat that was wiping out on ice and in doing so cut his leg. ( note the blood running down to the paw) I fashioned ropes that were layered to become a small bowl. After a week of drying time we had a painting session and then presented each other with our creative gifts. The cat watches me from a shelf in the kitchen reminding me of so many lessons of how I need to allow my Heavenly Father, the potter, to mold and fashion me into something that will bring Him honor and pleasure. Oh the wonderful lessons gleaned from a tub of modelling clay and a young boy receptive to my ramblings.


Edie said...

The glass pieces under the tree is such a great idea.Its like having your own beach covered in glass. Your grand kids are already creating memories in your new home. Awesome.

Bonnie Heather said...

I love the idea of glass in the tree. The fat cat is lovely...your bowls nice too. :)