Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Julie Nesrallah, host on CBC II was recently introducing a Chopin Nocturne, saying that, listening to Chopin could reduce her blood pressure by at least 12 increments. How I wished, as my blood pressure has been all over the map and too high during my illness. All this reminded me that I had a scrap of paper in my night table with a few lines I had scribbled back in early December.  Thought my brain had been mush for several months but here it is, my winter song.

My Winter Song
A bean bag warms between sheets and skin,
Without rehearsal the song begins -
A blend of bass and treble - romantic lines
Of dreamy comfort, outside the moonlight shines.
Arpeggio waves begin to swell
As choral snores refrains retell.
No twittering birds nor hooting owls
Just inner growls, soft tooting bowels.
The rise and fall - deep breaths of air
Create the song of love we share.
A rhythm in my ears, my lifeline beats
Always new, no pause and no repeats.
Darkness fades - the night song almost o'er
Alas so soon - I long for more
Of tranquil notes of nocturne's score.

Trudy Peters


Shelley said...

Ha ha ha!! Glad you decided to post this! :)

Anonymous said...

I read it more carefully and realized it was not just beautiful poetic words, but real life. Elvera

Bonnie Heather said...

No mush in your brain if you can create like this. Great poem!