Sunday, June 17, 2012


Father's Day was celebrated with our whole family - that's so special! A huge back yard for the nine grandchildren to expend boundless energy after an easy supper of take-out pizza, watermelon and DQ Dilly Bars. Photo time is always a challenge so I just let them pose as they liked - it's summer!
The five fathers in our family. They make me proud!


Lois Churchill said...

Absolutely LOVE these pictures. So happy you could be together for Father's Day! And thrilled to hear you and Reichert's were out camping together! What fun. Perhaps someday we'll have that pleasure again too! Enjoy your blog! Lois C

Melissa said...

MUCH to be proud of! Love your family! Emily and Avery made such quick friends the other day....So lovely! I love how not one of the little boys found their shirts for the photos! SO CUTE!

klassic1 said...

Love all those family pictures!!