Monday, February 18, 2013


Birthdays are good for you.
  Statistics show that the people 
who have the most live the longest. 
 ~Larry Lorenzoni

Yesterday was birthday party time for the oldest member of our family. One grandson had a choice between a friend's party and his Grampa and it was a hard decision, but concluded that it would be his Grampa's party as "he might not have many more." 
So our home was filled with all the family. The neighbours of our townhouse must wonder what goes on as the walls resound with shrieks, laughter, and a lot of thumping up and down stairways. After lunch the children settled in with a movie and so as adults we lingered over a dark chocolate, wild berry jam filled cake glazed with a glossy chocolate ganache and surrounded with fresh raspberries (worth their weight in gold). I've been watching too many cooking shows and am starting to pick up the refined lingo that elevates a dessert to a level of divine decadence. Then came the second round of birthday dessert for the grandchildren - wheat free chocolate cupcakes topped with butter cream frosting, sprinkles, a raspberry, and each one with a candle. OH, so good and so messy! Taking a great photo of our family is nigh impossible, so I settled for all the silliness and was just glad that the moment with the birthday boy was captured.

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