Sunday, October 26, 2014


Minutes from my home I step into a forest ablaze with autumns beauty. The walk along the creek and up into the hills is always a refreshing retreat from the busyness of the city. After editing my photos I was curled up on the sofa watching 'Gold Rush', oddly enough a favourite reality show of mine, and I was inspired to pen a few words which reflect my captivation experienced earlier in the day.


Glorious autumn draws

rainbow colours into its pot of gold.

Birch and maples brilliant as sunshine sweep the landscape

 like a painters brush gone wild which also drips dappled 

accents amongst the green coniferous trees. 

This mystery of photosynthesis 

orchestrated by God reflects his delight in renewing creation

and brings joy to ones soul.

Nature bursts with this last splendour of autumn

and in a rush, wind scatters the gold

 to be crushed under foot,

lost to decay on the forest floor.

Trudy Peters

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